How the activity fee works -

We do not require applicants to pay the activity fee outright. We require a non-refundable payment of $300 upon being accepted into the club. After that we* fundraise (letters, dine and discover, garage sales, car washes, ect.) this then allows all members to start to subsidize their activity fee. We do it this way because we believe that everyone deserves to have the experience of sharing the world. We believe it should be available to everyone. When spring has ended and the fundraising, work, and other payments have all trickled in but you still have not reached your goal – there are scholarships offered by the Expedition Club.

*we = every member of the team (Leaders, Chaperones, Students)

The Leadership scholarships are for the RETURNERS who showed an excellence in leadership. It is important for the group to have strong leaders. People who have gone on an expedition with us before and have shown that they are genuine, collaborative, and dedicated to sharing the world are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship reduces the activity fee by %40. Sadly, we are only able to give two Leadership Scholarships away per expedition – so scholarships are limited.

A mango tree takes 3 to 5 years before it produces its delicious fruit. It is long, hard work to cultivate a tree – hard work that is rewarded. Our Mango Scholarships are need based and are rewarded to those who work hard. 

When you are invited to be a part of the club we are determined to make sure you come with us on the expedition. This means fundraising, being creative, and being part of a team. If you show your dedication to sharing the world we will not allow you to stay behind. That is where the Mangos come in. If you have fundraised and worked hard but still have not reached your financial goal it is our mission to get you there. Some people on the team will be in more need that others, and that is okay. Need based and hard work rewarded.

Applications for these scholarships will be handed out at the May circle up. Each team member will then have the opportunity to apply for either of them at that time.